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 If your organisation is extremely concerned about saving lots of calendar time and scaling down expenditures, essentially the most assertive method of placement is to utilize our recruitment services / staffing services / employment services.

At STAR GROUP Recruiters, we tailor-made manpower staffing solutions to your business needs. We have been persistently formulating and optimising effective human resource solutions to enable you to weather economic fluctuations, regulation expenditures and enhance productivity.

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Human Resource Service Provider

golden_productSTAR GROUP Recruiters serves as a premium human resource service provider simply because our recruitment consultants provide an extremely proficient, responsive and customized staffing service.

"The right candidate for the right company". With this in mind, we focused on providing our clients with outstanding candidates within the shortest time possible.

We are concern about being familiar with our client as well as their specific staffing requirements as detailed as knowing our own organisational values! Insight the concepts of a clientele's industry, comprehensive understanding the factual working culture and getting to know the actual people whom we liaise most closely with at a clientele company allows us to find optimal staffing strategy for their precise staffing and manpower needs.

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STAR GROUP Recruiters

Our Recruitment Agency is blessed with a team of dedicated recruitment consultants who possess experience with Multi-National Corporations from various industries. Having a sound understanding of the difficulties and rigors in getting that right candidates, as well as a good combination of commercial and practical experience gained from various industries, our consultants are constantly improving the recruitment process to bring you solutions from a variety of perspectives.

Determined in making an alternative impact into the work of career consultancy for both our clients and candidates, our team of conscientious recruiters are making the commitment by accepting the challenges through hard work, dedication, resourcefulness, competency, integrity, sensitivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Armed with these traits in mind, we create a difference in the role that career consultancies contribute to the economy and are now looking forward to steering our organization into its next wave of exciting and demanding challenges.